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Mayor's Review of Meece for Mayor of NYC


NYC Kids Book Meece For Mayor of New York City
Who Better To Review My Book Than An Actual Mayor! 
Below Are Reviews From Mayors Around The World!

A Big Mayor Thank You To Each Of These Mayors For Taking
The Time Out Of Their Busy Schedules To Review My Book!

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Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York CityMayor Rudolph Giuliani
107th Mayor of New York City

"It is a wonderfully illustrated and educational story for 
children everywhere, which provides a colorful depiction of
our great city, New York."

Mayor David Dinkins of New York City
Mayor David Dinkins
106th Mayor of New York City

It's never too early to interest people in
the election process!

 NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn 2013 NYC Mayoral Candidate
 Mayor Tom Theodores 
Sausalito, California

"Meece For Mayor is colorful, fun  and educational. It guides young readers to learn to appreciate the electoral process.
We all have much to learn from Meece.
I will use what I learned next time I run.

Mayor Jon Gnarr
Reykjavik, Iceland

"A really nice and inspiring story. 
You don't need to be big to be brave. 
I'd vote for Meece!"
Mayor Jussi Pajunen of Helsinki, Finland
Mayor Jussi Pajunen
Helsinki, Finland

"I was delighted to receive a copy of your new book,
Meece for Mayor of New York City.  The book is an excellent
way to bring local democracy closer to the citizens as well as
to communicate societal questions with children.  The
different characters are also charming city ambassadors."

Mayor Fabian Stang of Oslo, Norway
Mayor Fabian Stang
Oslo, Norway

"Now I know what to do when I run for a new term!
Thank you!"
4 Year Old Mayor Bobby Tufts
Dorset, MN

   "What a good book, I can vote!
Yes, every vote does count!
I'm glad Meece is Mayor like me!
Can we read the book again?"

 Mayor Lee Leffingwell of Austin,TX
Mayor Lee Leffingwell
Austin, TX
(Kip's Childhood Hometown)

 "With colorful illustrations and positive messages,
Kip Cosson's book, Meece for Mayor of New York City,
is a fun way to get children learning about the election process.  I am proud to know that one of our Austinites is
using his talents to educate children across the nation and
I hope to see more of his work hitting the shelves of our libraries in the future."

Mayor Annise D. Parker of Houston, TX
Mayor Annise D. Parker
Houston, TX

 "What a fun book.
wish there were one for Houston!
I hope the book will bring a smile to the faces of
children across the country, teach them
about the landmarks of New York and spark their
interest in  government and
the electoral process so that,
as grown-ups, they may one day run for mayor
of their own

  Click Here to See Pictures & Video
From My School Visit With Mayor Parker

 Mayor Cory A. Booker of Newark, NJ
Mayor Cory  A. Booker
Newark, NJ

"Thank you so much for the copy of
Meece for Mayor of New York City.  More than you know,
small gestures like this encourage me in my work,
and I am grateful for your kindness.
I look forward to sharing your book with the children of
our great City."
Mayor Bill Finch of Bridgeport, CT 
Mayor Bill Finch
Bridgeport, CT

"This is a fantastic children's book which I highly
recommend to parents.  I was impressed with the illustration relating to each story.  Good job!"

Mayor Jen White of Nyack, NY
Mayor Jen White
Nyack, NY

"I LOVE it...what a GREAT, GREAT book for kids. 
And even though I am not Mayor of Manhattan,
I am a lover of Manhattan and you mention all of our
favorite places!  Meece is very clearly well equipped for
the job...and I was so pleased to see such a civilized campaign.  I would love to have you visit and read with
me in our elementary schools!"


  Click Here To See Pictures From My
School Visit with Mayor White

Click Here To See Video News Story
Of My School Visit With Mayor White

Mayor Paul A. Dyster of Niagara Falls, NY 
Mayor Paul A. Dyster
Niagara Falls, NY

"This book is delightful, with much charm and color.
It takes a child through the busy day of an active Mayor
and gently breathes the hope that all things are possible.
It will add a special touch when I visit our schools and read
to our youngsters." 

Mayor Gregory A. Ballard of Indianapolis, IN
Mayor Gregory A. Ballard
Indianapolis, IN

"What a great book for kids. That the world is made up of so many different types of individuals is a great message."

Mayor Kenyne Schlager of Casper WY
Mayor Kenyne Schlager

Casper, WY

"I  don't have children of my own, so I had to borrow a few nieces and nephews. I must admit that I was worried the children would not understand the concept, however, they were engrossed immediately. The children were able to keep their attention and remained very engaged throughout the book, ... After completing the book, I chuckled when my eight-year-old niece said, "We want you for mayor!"  Might have to use that as my next campaign slogan!  Thanks for the opportunity to share your work. I will be passing this
throughout my community for others to enjoy. 
The children rated your book A+."

Mayor McKinley L. Price of Newport News, VA
Mayor McKinley L. Price
Newport News, VA

Meece for Mayor of New York City is a light-hearted
look at a Mayor’s campaign process.  Mayor Meece demonstrates that all things are possible with hard work. 
This book is a great read for children of all ages. 
The illustrations are bright and fun!”

Mayor Betsy Price of Fort Worth, TX 
Mayor Betsy Price
Fort Worth, TX

“Kip Cosson’s vivid and colorful tour of New York City
is educational and fun. I hope my next trip down the
campaign trail is as enjoyable as it was for Meece Mouse!
Here’s to a world with more LOVE and more CHEESE!”

  Click Here To See Pictures From My
School Visit with Mayor Price

Mayor Sidney A. Katz of Gaithersburgh, MD 
Mayor Sidney A. Katz
Gaithersburg, MD

"What a fun book! 
With a name like Mayor Katz, of course,
I had to read about a mouse running for mayor!
I enjoyed reading it from cover to cover!
I am looking forward to reading it with our young constituents!
Thank you for including me in the fun!!"

Mayor Michael Fressola of Manchester, NJ
Mayor Michael Fressola
Manchester, NJ

"I have been Mayor of Manchester Township for 14 years,
but a Staten Islander by birth. I worked in NYC for many
years.  This book brought back many fine memories of all
NYC has to offer. I believe this book is appropriate reading
for children of all ages. I throughly enjoyed it."

Mayor Barry Wright of Winslow, NJ
Mayor Barry Wright
Winslow, NJ

 "The book shows the importance of voting
(every vote counts)

and through hard work dreams can come true."
Mayor Jonathan Rothschild of Tucson, AZ
Mayor Jonathan Rothschild
Tucson, AZ

 "What a fun book. Truly captures City politics in a way  both
children and adults can understand.  Love the colorful
pictures,too.  A political strategist best seller!

Mayor James Anzaldi of Clifton, NJ
Mayor James Anzaldi
Clifton, NJ

  "It's wonderful and really allows a child to see the election
process at a very young age. Good Job!"

Mayor Eb Whipple of Cheeseville, CA
Mayor Eb Whipple
Cheeseville, CA

 "The artwork is stunning and the story is delightful.
Having been the Mayor of Cheeseville since the early 1970's,
I'm a little concerned that Meece may travel west,
organize all our wildlife and oust me from office!"

 Mayor Donnalee Lozeau of Nashua, NH
Mayor Donnalee Lozeau
Nashua, NH

"A charming book that is very colorful and encourages
friendship and integrity.  I especially enjoyed seeing Meece and Ned utilizing so many different modes of public transportation along the campaign trail!

I enjoyed the story as well as the brilliant illustrations! 
We have 12 elementary schools in Nashua and I am often invited to read to students throughout the school year for various occasions.  I look forward to reading
Meece for Mayor of New York and am certain it
will soon become a fan favorite."

Mayor John E. McCormac of Woodbridge, NJ
Mayor John E. McCormac
Woodbridge, NJ

  "I just read the book and liked it a lot.
It is incredibly colorful and I especially loved the part at
the end where the kids have to find the characters in
the book.  I do a lot of reading  to kids in our grammar
schools, particularly around Dr. Seuss Day, so I will
bring the book with me."

Mayor Vance A. Funk of Newark, DE 
Mayor Vance A. Funk
Newark, DE

 "Good job-really enjoyed reading your book to my  7 year
old grandson - the mouse seems to have the right
campaign strategy-be postive-have fun!"

Mayor Jon Mitchell of New Bedford, MA
Mayor Jon Mitchell
New Bedford, MA

"I really enjoyed the book.  The illustrations are fantastic.  The colors really pop.  As a father of three girls, I’ve read lots of children’s books.  None of them center around a political campaign.  The concept is a great way to introduce kids to politics and government. I’ll recommend it to other parents."

 Mayor Andy A. Hafen of Henderson, NV
Mayor Andy A. Hafen
Henderson, NV


"This is a delightful book. I'm looking forward to reading it to elementary school students in Henderson during Reading Week next year. It will be great for them to learn about civics and the different places in New York City!"

Mayor Sandy Sanders of Fort Smith, AR
Mayor Sandy Sanders 
Fort Smith, AR

"Meece for Mayor of New York will be a fun book for youngsters.  I was particularly impressed with the graphics…
very colorful and interesting."

 Mayor Scott Avedisian of Warwick, RI
Mayor Scott Avedisian
Warwick, RI

"The book's colorful images and the loveable characters
you've created are sure to enthrall your readers.  As 
someone who has visited New York many times,
I appreciate how you have used your talents not only
to teach children about the democratic process, but to
introduce them to the many wonderful things that New York
has to offer residents and guest alike."

Mayor Jim Schmitt of Green Bay, MI
Mayor Jim Schmitt
Green Bay, WI

"Meece For Mayor of New York City showcases a Mayor's efforts to help his community. Kip's done a great job of making an entertaining story that encourages children to consider public service as a future career. I look forward to sharing your story with the youth of the greater Green Bay community."

Mayor Johnny L. DuPree, Hattiesburg, MS
Mayor Johnny L.
DuPree, Ph.D.
Hattiesburg, MS


"I thoroughly enjoyed your book and so did my grandson, Chandler.  Meece for Mayor of NYC is a witty and colorful illustration that teaches its readers to dream big and work hard.  What a refreshing way to install many of the basic principles of success in children at such a critical stage in their development.  It is my hope that every child  will have an opportunity to be inspired by Meece."

Mayor Conrad Lee of Bellevue, WA
Mayor Conrad Lee
Bellevue, WA


 "The book is beautifully illustrated and the story line is
simple for young children to enjoy.  I highly recommend it." 

Mayor Andy Mckenzie of Wheeling, WV
Mayor Andy McKenzie
Wheeling, WV


 " I took the book with me to a summer program for underprivileged children ages 7-13 and read them the story.  They really enjoyed it and gave me a warm applause...Your book made the campaign trail come alive and showed how important it is for a candidate to meet and discuss issues with the voters.  You're right...every vote counts!"

Mayor Timothy McDonough of Hope, NJ
Mayor Timothy McDonough
Hope, NJ


 "Cosson's Meece for Mayor is a bright, playful depiction of mayoral politics - a wonderful way to highlight the
importance of voting for the next generation!
Meece and Cosson have my vote!"


Mayor Ryan J. Bingham of Torrington, CT
Mayor Ryan J. Bingham
Torrington, CT


 "I read the book at our local library.   
It was a huge hit and the the kids loved all of the great pictures...The storyline kept the children engaged, and the elaborate use of color and imagery caught their attention.  Thank you so much for the opportunity
to showcase the book."

Mayor Ardell F. Brede of Rochester, MN
Mayor Ardell F. Brede
Rochester, MN


"I read the book and had a favorable review. This past weekend I had my 15 and 10 year old granddaughters read it and both were impressed with the artwork and the story. 
So you've got three thumbs-up from this Brede Bunch!"

Mayor Robert Cashell of Reno, NV
Mayor Robert Cashell

Reno, NV

"Mayor Cashell has 2 granddaughters, ages 10 and 12, 
his wife is a former teacher and his daughter is currently a  teacher. 
He had them all read your book and here is their 
combined critique:

  •   A little mouse with big dreams
  •   Great geography lesson to New York City
  •   Diversity of the animals
  •   The illustrations are fun and colorful
  •   Good Civics lesson on being involved and voting

Good job and congratulations on your new book."

Mayor Karl F. Dean of Nashville, TN
Mayor Karl F. Dean

Nashville, TN

"Literacy and
's education are two of my great loves, and I applaud your contribution to each.  It is critical that young children equate books and reading with fun and pleasure, and Meece for Mayor's bright colors and energetic graphics will engage children in its fun. I also appreciate your efforts to teach children about how a vibrant, diverse city is comprised of many individuals, and small groups of individuals with shared concerns.  Finally, as someone who still reads aloud to young children, I appreciate the opportunities that your illustrations create for the adult reader to point out interesting details and engage in conversation with the child throughout the book.  Congratulations on your contribution to children's literacy."

Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Jr. of Tulsa, OK
Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Jr.

Tulsa, OK

"While successfully telling the story of becoming a Mayor,
illustrations and use of bold colors really made the
pages come to life.
  This book definitely encourages and engages young minds
into the world of politics. Well done!
Thank you again and I look forward to reading the sequel


  Mayor Michael Copeland of Olathe, KS 
Mayor Michael Copeland
Olathe, KS

"Meece for Mayor is a truly delightful and educational read, whimsically portraying the campaign trail and role of mayor through the eyes of a child.  The story brings to life the vibrant colors and rich culture of New York, allowing us to experience the wonder and beauty of our diversity. 
I would vote for Meece!"

(Update From Mayor Copeland - September 3, 2012)

"This afternoon I included your book in my daily readings
to my son, as part of his kindergarten homework.  I thought you'd like to know he enjoyed the book tremendously. 
His two favorite parts were when Meece met with The
Gotham Mice for a Better New York.  He especially enjoyed their cheer, 'Spread the love, spread the cheese and
everyone will be happy!'  He also enjoyed the two pages
with all of Ned and Meece's friends.  He liked finding the friends that were in the book.
Kip, you really have done an outstanding job with this
book.  Thank you for sharing your extraordinary gift
with my son and me."

Mayor Copeland,
Thank you for sharing my book with your son.
When a child enjoys my book as much as your son
has, then I know I got it right!

Mayor Don Ness of Duluth, MN
Mayor Don Ness
Duluth, MN

 "As a Mayor and a father of three little ones, I thoroughly enjoyed Meece for Mayor.  The illustrations are bright, colorful, and every page has a lot of interesting details.  The story is cute, moves quickly, and gives this midwesterner a little insight into New York.  Meece certainly earned my vote!"

 Mayor Bob Macdonald of Lewiston, ME
Mayor Bob Macdonald
Lewiston, ME

"I received your book and found it to be very entertaining
and informative.  I would like to use it in school when
reading to the lower grades....It should be introduced into
the lower grades.  It is a kid friendly civics lesson. 
Thank you for the copy.  I certainly endorse it."
Mayor Ken Miyagishima of Las Cruces, NM
Mayor Ken Miyagishima
Las Cruces, NM

"This book is great!
I have a program where I have visited close to 12,000 
(3rd) graders.  When we discuss their future endeavors, without failure, there are always 1-2 who want to become mayor of Las Cruces.  This book allows our young students
to know in very simple examples how to become a mayor. 
I am always asked how I became mayor,
thanks for sharing this book with me."

Mayor Gary McCarthy of Schenectady, NY
Mayor Gary McCarthy
Schenectady, NY

 "Meece for Mayor of New York City is a charming story
that depicts the essentials of campaigning for Mayor in a
cute, funny, easy to understand process for kids and
grownups alike."

  Click Here To See A Picture From My
School Visit with Mayor McCarthy

 Mayor Bill Bunten of Topeka, KS
Mayor Bill Bunten
Topeka, KS

"A fun book that should help youngsters understand a
political process too often not included in the curriculum
of our elementary and secondary schools.  Good Job!"
Mayor Carmen Amato, Jr. of Berkeley Township, NJ
Mayor Carmen Amato, Jr.
Berkeley Township, NJ

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book very much. 
I had the pleasure of reading it to my four year old son
who also enjoyed it.  I highly recommend it to everyone!"

Mayor Lloyd W. Winnecke of Evansville, IN
Mayor Lloyd W. Winnecke
  Evansville, IN

"It was really good. I will read it to school
children during visits to local elementary schools."
Mayor Jay Tibshraeny of Chandler, AZ
Mayor Jay Tibshraeny
Chandler, AZ
“Meece for Mayor” is a great civics lesson for our young people. Kip’s story paints an interesting portrait of
New York City while providing readers a glimpse into
the world of the political campaign at its most basic level.
Well done."
Mayor Jim Suttle of Omaha, NE
 Mayor Jim Suttle
Omaha, NE

This review comes on behalf of Mayor Jim Suttle by
Deb Suttle the First Lady of Omaha and his 14 year old granddaughter, Savannah who at the age of 13 published, wrote and illustrated  a children's book, Elephant Nose.
(I have a signed copy and it is truly incredible!)

"It was so very wonderful.  I love your artistry and the
tour of New York. The kids in New York must love reading it and doing the activity at the end.  Savannah loved it too
and was honored to have her first autographed book. 
We all loved your book and it has a "place of honor"
in Savannah's room."

Note From Kip:  I am happy to say Mayor Suttle has made
                         a full recovery and is now back at work.
 Mayor Chuck Cahn of Cherry Hill, NJ
Mayor Chuck Cahn
Cherry Hill, NJ

"I really liked the story and thought it was a very clever
way to promote all the great places in NYC."
Mayor Jonathan Hornik of Marlboro, NJ 
Mayor Jonathan Hornik
Marlboro, NJ

"Kip Cosson's Meece for Mayor is a funny, easy to
understand introduction to the electoral process and
a good read for voters of all ages.  This colorful book
shows that even the smallest individuals can do the
biggest things for their community and that every voice
counts in the democratic process."

Mayor John F. Bencivengo of Hamilton Township, NJ
Mayor John F. Bencivengo
Hamilton Township, NJ


"Meece for Mayor was a whimsical story on what a mayor
does for a city.  I can't think of a better way to clearly
teach our children what an important role a mayor plays
the operation of a community.  It is a wonderful book
stopping at all the extraordinary places one could think
in New York.  And, lastly the right to vote, expressing
our great liberty and freedoms as Americans."


Mayor Barbara A. Wallace of Washington Township, NJ 
Mayor Barbara A. Wallace
Washington Township, NJ

 "This is a great  book for children to see how the election process works.  It is colorful and informative, showing
many of the sights and areas of New York City. 
Teachers can use classroom maps of the USA to revisit
New York.  I like the way the author creates activities
such as finding characters in the book or numbering
places visited for retelling and sequencing. 
This book is both educational and fun."

 Mayor Scott Kaupin of Enfield, CT
Mayor Scott Kaupin
Enfield, CT

  "The Meece for Mayor of New York City book is very entertaining for all ages. For Children, it is a timely
introduction to both the campaign process and the city of 
New York.  Adults will enjoy the book too, with its almost tongue-in-cheek look at campaign promises.  Meece of
course, is going to create more housing for birds, a greener New York, and peace..."Make Cheese Not War."  Thanks
for sharing your book with the Town of Enfield and we
have added it to our library collection for all to enjoy!" 

Mayor George Heartwell of Grand Rapids, MI
Mayor George Heartwell
Grand Rapids, MI

"Thank you for sharing your "Meece for Mayor of New York City" children's book.  The colorful illustrations are a wonderful introduction to some of New York City's main attractions, and will entice children into learning about another of our great country's greatest cities!"

Mayor Bobby Hopewell of Kalamazoo, MI
Mayor Bobby Hopewell
Kalamazoo, MI

"I was so excited to read every additional page to see
how Candidate Meece, now Mayor Meece was going
to be campaigning and to what group.  It was awesome
to see the wonderful illustrations.  I hope lots of children
get to read this story.  Thank you so much for sharing
the story of another Mayor with me."

Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, KY
Mayor Greg Fischer
Louisville, KY

"It is well written and an enjoyable read! 
Kudos to you!"

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